We are a cat boutique in the UK, specialising in high quality collars for our little feline friends. The brand was named after the much-loved pet cat of the founder. Linny was born to pursue a mission to produce simple yet elegant cat collars.

Our collars are designed with care and handcrafted in London using the highest quality Italian leather which comes in a wide range of eye catching colours. The metal fittings are sourced especially for the purpose, which enables us to offer three different finishes – gold, nickel, and antique brass. Where crystals are used, we only use genuine Swarovski elements. 

Linny is a small family run business, and as such we endeavour to offer the best and most sincere service to our customers. Since Linny was founded in 2010 we have received many positive comments from cat owners who had been looking for the perfect collar for their pet.